Intel has supported scalable technologies and ecosystems that help drive transformations in computing for decades now—from intelligent devices (PCs, phones, tablets, embedded devices), to the Internet and cloud-based technologies, to the data center and big data. That’s why we’re excited that GSMA and Intel are aligning at Mobile World Congress 2014 to seek greater [...]

Software-defined networking (SDN) is the latest approach to abstracting network elements, with the aim of making the network more ‘programmable’ while also exposing once difficult-to-reach network control functionality to applications and service innovators. Open APIs are a critical aspect of the SDN story, supporting the abstraction and decoupling of network layers and the orchestration of SDN functions [...]

The proliferation of smartphones, next-generation LTE network rollouts and enterprise and consumer mobile services puts the cloud squarely at the center of mobile industry innovation. . The intelligence of the mobile network provides a significant opportunity to enhance the capabilities of cloud-based services.

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